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Authorization Process With Registration

Note: User Registration is only available on the pro version.

To integrate with Registration follow, the below steps.

Process of Authorization and Integration

  1. Search & Select Registration from the actions pages.

Action type

  • New User Create: If you want to create a new user. Then choose to create a new user.
  • Updated User: If you want to change the information of a user, then you will like Update User. It changes information based on username or email.
  1. You have to map Trigger fields with WP default user fields.

  2. For a successful full registration there are two types of notifications - User Email Notification & Admin Email Notification. Also, WP admin can set the WP User Role. And you can set auto Login, the user login automatically after registration.

  3. Additionally, you can add custom fields to personalize your users' profile. You can create custom fields. After creating custom fields, you have to map it with Trigger fields from the User Meta Field Mapping. For that you need the corresponding id of the custom field.


Note: If the Username and Password fields are blank then the user will take the value of the email field as the field and the password will be auto-generated.

  1. Now save the integration by clicking the Save Button.

  2. We have an option in every integration Timeline where you can check integration success or error status.

  3. Also, you can Edit Clone Delete the integration.