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Authorization Process With OneDrive

Note: One Drive is only available on the pro version.

To integrate with OneDrive follow, the below steps.

Process of Authorization and Integration

  1. Search & Select OneDrive from the actions pages

  2. Integration Name: Set the proper integration name. Default it's taken ‘OneDrive’.

  3. After that, To get the Client Id & Client Secret, click on Azure Portal.
    For client ID & secret you have to visit the Azure Portal. If you already have any Client ID & secret before then copy this to the field. If you don’t have any then you have to create a new client ID & secret, Register an App by clicking New Registration

    1. Name: In the name field, put the proper app name of your choice.
    2. Supported account types: Personal Microsoft accounts only
    3. Redirect URI: Select Web as a platform from the drop-down list. Copy the Redirect URIs from integrations settings and paste it under Redirect URI field. And click on the Register button.
  1. Now an app will create with a Client ID. Navigate to Certificates & secrets and create a client secret to get the client secret. Then copy the Client ID and Client Secret (Value) and paste them to the Bit Integrations integration page. Then click on the Authorize button (wait for a few seconds). After the successful authorization, click on the Next button

  2. After completing the authorization process, select the specific folder from the dropdown menu, which you have created before on OneDrive.


  1. Upload Files: Upload Files is a mandatory action. To send an attachment to the OneDrive, you must select the required file upload field from actions.
  1. Delete File From WordPress: By enabling this option, the file is automatically deleted from WordPress after uploading to OneDrive.

Save Integration

  1. Now click on Next button. And save the integration by clicking the Finish & Save Button.

  2. We have an option in every integration Timeline where you can check integration success or error status.

  3. Also, you can Edit Clone and Delete the integration.