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Authorization Process With BenchMark

Note: BenchMark is available in the free and pro versions.

Benchmark email is an email marketing platform that provides businesses with tools to create, send, and track email campaigns.
When users submit the task form through Bit Integrations Trigger, the email of the corresponding user will be stored in the contact list of BenchMark Email.

To integrate with BenchMark follow, the below steps.

Process of Authorization and Integration

  1. Search & Select BenchMark from the actions pages

  2. Integration Name: Set the proper integration name. Default it's taken 'BenchMark'.

  3. After that, you have to copy the API key from your BenchMark account & paste the key on the field.
    To get the API key,

  • Click on BenchMark API Token

  • Copy the API key and paste into API Key field of your authorization form. And Click on Authorize button.

  1. Click on Next to set up the other integration settings ahead.

  2. After completing the authorization process, Select List from the drop-down options. If you don't see any list. Click on the refresh button.

  3. You will find the Map Field option. You have to map all the necessary fields with the related BenchMark field. By default, Email field of BenchMark will be available. You can also send custom values by mapping your required field. If you don't see any fields. Click on the refresh button. After mapping the desired fields, click on Next button.

    ✅ Available BenchMark mapping fields
    • firstname
    • lastname
    • middlename
    • emailtype
    • Address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip
    • Country
    • Phone
    • Fax
    • Cell Phone
    • Company Name
    • Job Title
    • Business Phone
    • Business Fax
    • Business Address
    • Business City
    • Business State
    • Business Zip
    • Business Country
    • Notes
    • Date 1
    • Date 2
    • Extra 3
    • Extra 4
    • Extra 5
    • Extra 6
  4. Now save the integration by clicking the Finish & Save Button


Update BenchMark: If the user already exists on your BenchMark account, It will update the contacts with other field information based on the email address.

  1. We have an option in every integration Timeline where you can check integration success or error status.

  2. Also, you can Edit Clone Delete the integration.