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Authorization Process With Keap

Note: Keep is only available on the pro version.

To integrate with Keap follow, the below steps.

Process of Authorization and Integration

  1. Search & Select Keap from the actions pages

  2. Integration Name: Set the proper integration name. Default it's taken “Keap”.

  3. Client ID & Client Secret: To get a new Client Id & Client secret go to Keap API CONSOLE > Create An App. In the App, the field gives the proper app name. And APIs option enables the APIs by clicking "Enable". and click on "Save" button.

  1. After completing these steps a Client ID and a Client Secret will be generated.

  2. Then You have to copy the Client ID & Client secret from Keap & paste the Client ID & Client secret on the fields of integration settings. Then click on the Authorize button (wait for a few seconds). After the successful authorization click on the Next button

  1. Now you have to map all the mandatory Keap fields to the corresponding fields in your form/task. Then click on next button.

  2. Now save the integration by clicking the Finish & Save. Button

  1. We have an option in every integration Timeline where you can check integration success or error status.