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Bit Integrations-Integration Actions


Bit Integrations have some options in every integration called Info Edit Timeline Clone Delete. Please follow the points below to know how these options work

1. Info: You can see the Authorized process information. E.g., What were the Client ID and Secret or API Key for the authorization process.

2. Edit: You can edit the integration you have already set up. If you want to make some necessary changes, you can do it by editing the integration.

4. Clone: You can Clone the integration you had already set up. Suppose you already set up an integration Contact Form 7 with Google Sheet. And now you want to Integrate with another sheet. If you Clone the integration, you can save some time without having to repeat the authorize process.

Note: This feature (Clone) is available in pro version

5. Delete: If you don't need any integration that you set up, you can delete this integration by deleting this option.